Big Top 2006

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Show poster from The Big Top 2006

The Big Top 2006 was performed by LOpSoc in the Clubs and Societies Room in May 2006. It used popular G&S music with new lyrics and story by Andy Kay.

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Andy Kay
Musical Director Nicholas Haslam
Choreographer Andy Kay


Role Name
Grilzini (The Ringmaster of the Circus) Richard Jackson
Mrs Grilzini (his firebrand of a wife) Kate Gallagher
Greg (a lowly dung shoveller, in love with Irene) Tim Sell
Irene (the beautiful lion tamer’s assistant) Sarah Pettitt
Roberto (the lion tamer) Frankie Dysart
Graham (the human cannonball) Andy Kay
Bearded Lady Laura Smith
Bearded Lady Hannah Smith
Bearded Lady Kirsten Lamb
Trapeze Artist Dave Turner
Trapeze Artist Ellie Handley
Trapeze Artist Sarah Flint
Strongman Jon Dunne
Strongman's Assistant Dave Turner
Marvello The Magician’s Assistant Laura Smith
Mystic Sarah Flint
Tightrope Walker Elle Moreton
Clown Frankie Dysart
Clown Jon Dunne
Clown Dave Turner

Photo Gallery[edit]


  • It was the first time that LOpSoc had performed above the Stag's Head.
  • It was the first Summer Show LOpSoc had performed since 2001.