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Artwork created to promote the show, designed by Charlotte Connelly

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel was performed in the EEE Lecture Theatre on 28th-30th April 2022, kicking off LOpSoc’s 50th anniversary celebrations. It was the first live show the society had performed since the COVID-19 pandemic. For the first time, LOpSoc collaborated with Showstoppers to produce a musical, with cast and production team members coming from both societies.

Photo Gallery[edit]

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Daniel Williams
Assistant Director Wong Pin Hong
Musical Director Patrick Riley
Musical Director Rachel Wells
Assistant Musical Director James Warner
Assistant Musical Director Alba Vega Alonso Tetilla
Producer (Costumes/Props) Jenny Hadley
Producer (Costumes/Props Nicole Khalil
Producer (Publicity) Freya Mason
Producer (Publicity) Orin Cooley-Greene


Role Name
Billy Bigelow Joe Chamberlain
Julie Jordan Alicia Holland Pillado
Enoch Snow Will Fieldhouse
Carrie Pipperidge Ellena Potter
Nettie Fowler Issie Roll
Jigger Craigin Tom Bradford
Mrs. Mullin Tally Jones
Mr. Bascombe Tom Rolph
Louise Bigelow Rosie Young
The Starkeeper Joshua Newby
Heavenly Friend Cydney Waite Brown
Heavenly Friend Julz Taylor
Enoch Snow, Jr./Ensemble Will Bartlett
Policeman/Ensemble Luca Simons
Arminy/Ensemble Amy Smith
Principal/Ensemble India Browning
Dr. Seldon/Ensemble Keziah Langdon
Woman 1/Ensemble Niamh Grimes
Woman 2/Ensemble Judith Simmonds
Woman 3/Ensemble Meg Davies
Carnival Boy/Ensemble Tristan Madeleine
Captain/Ensemble Harry Keight
Man/Ensemble Freya Mason
Sailor/Ensemble Chloe Lane
Ensemble Ellen Goggin
Ensemble Amy Moir
Ensemble Kasia Tryrybon


Role Name
Technical Director Jonathan Ferguson
Technical Director Emily Rowlands
Assistant Technical Director Ben Shipstone


Role Name
Conductor Patrick Riley
Keys 1 Rachel Wells
Keys 2 Calum Prior
Reed 1 Cerys May
Reed 2 Emma Fitzherbert, Talia Pearce
Reed 3 James Copley
Percussion Jonathan Ferguson
Violin 1 John Wilders
Violin 2 Alex Hanks
Viola Charlotte Chappell
Cello Elle Bogle
Double Bass Rosie Watson


Role Name
Chair Daniel Williams
Secretary Martha Fooks
Treasurer Wong Pin Hong
Publicity Officer Billy Boulton
Social Secretary Judith Simmonds
Webmaster Pete Alexander
Ordinary Member Jared Wason