Double Feature 2019 (Harrogate)

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'Double Feature:' 'Trial By Jury' and 'The Zoo' was performed by LOpSoc on 16th August 2019 in the new Uptopia Theatre at the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival for the UniFest competition. The orchestra and stage crew were provided by the venue. The production retained all the main features that originally came from the Double Feature 2019 Annex Run in June 2019.

As part of the UniFest competition, LOpSoc were proud to receive nominations for the Best Chorus and Best Director awards for this show.

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Martha Fooks
Musical Director Billy Boulton
Assistant Musical Director David Child
Producer Pete Alexander
Producer Joel Parkinson

Cast of Trial By Jury[edit]

Role Name
The Learned Judge Daniel Williams-Brown
The Plaintiff Tori Arnold
The Defendant Pete Alexander
Counsel for the Plaintiff Megan Warinton
The Usher Joel Parkinson
Foreman of the Jury David Child
Chorus -

Cast of The Zoo[edit]

Role Name
Æsculapius Carboy Luke Comerford
Lætitia Grinder Annabelle Sessions
Thomas Brown Pete Alexander
Eliza Smith Martha Fooks
Mr. Grinder Joel Parkinson
Chorus -


Role Name
Technical Director -
Stage Crew -
Stage Crew -


Role Name
Chair Joel Parkinson
Secretary Tori Arnold
Treasurer Annabelle Sessions
Publicity Officer Kira Jukes
Publicity Officer James Tarmey
Social Secretary Luke Comerford
Webmaster Pete Alexander
Loremaster Daniel Williams-Brown
Ordinary Member Jared Wason