Double Feature 2021

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The Carp and Cox and Box were performed as a double feature by LOpSoc in 2021, remotely recorded as audio-dramas during the pandemic. Audio mixing and edition were done by Billy Boulton and Renata SK. You can listen to the recordings for The Carp and Cox and Box on SoundCloud.

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Renata SK
Musical Director Billy Boulton
Producer Kira Jukes
Assistant Producer Wong Pin Hong

The Carp Principal Cast[edit]

Role Name
Amandus Jared Wason
Amanda Kira Jukes
Piscatore Jemimah Alam
Fisherman 1 Matko B-K
Fisherman 2 Wong Pin Hong

Cox and Box Principal Cast[edit]

Role Name
Cox Martha Fooks
Box Pete Alexander
Bouncer Joel Parkinson
Staff 1 Matko B-K
Staff 2 Wong Pin Hong


Role Name
Chorus Renata SK
Chorus [[]]