Half a Sixpence 2017

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Half a Sixpence was performed by LOpSoc from the 7th-11th June 2017 in the Annex Theatre.

Memorable Show and Rehearsal Moments[edit]

Memorable Lines[edit]

- Twelve Hundred Pounds... A YEAR!

- Biff!




- Travel...

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Nadia Fundell
Director Venetia Matthews
Assistant Director Abigail Smith
Musical Director Natasha Bennetts
Musical Director Emma Paull
Assistant Musical Director Amy Wardle
Producer Patrick Edwards
Producer Isaac Treuherz
Choreographer Emily Gray
Choreographer Victoria Howard
Costumes Michelle McInnes
Costumes Guillemette Rident


Role Name
Kipps Maciek Shasha
Ann Ella Sabine
Helen Lucia Watts
Sid Ben Walker
Buggins Philip Needle
Pearce David Child
Flo Megan Warinton
Victoria Damie Oladebo
Kate Sophie Blundell
Chitterlow Billy Boulton
Mrs Walsingham Rhiannon Creffield
Young Walsingham Barnaby Wilson
Mr Shalford Jamie Lumsden
Laura Robyn Hunt
Gwendolin Katie Giles
Jeremiah Isaac Treuherz
Deck Chair Attendant Patrick Edwards
Photographer Tom Pell
Chorus Andrew Wood
Chorus George Smith
Chorus Guillemette Rident
Chorus Jamie Hizzett
Chorus Mandy Yuan
Chorus Martha Fooks
Chorus Steve Jenkins
Chorus Tim Lutton
Chorus Tori Arnold
Chorus Zhili Hao