Highborn and the Hobo 2011

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Show poster from The Highborn and the Hobo 2011

The Highborn and the Hobo; or, The Mining Magnates Daughter, was performed by LOpSoc on 15th - 18th June 2011 at the Annex Theatre in conjunction with The Fall of the House of Usher 2011.

An original production with libretto by LOpSoc members Phill Moxley and Harry Campbell and music by Jolly Felton - a multimedia opera in one act with all proceeds going to Charity.

Lonnie Choke (David Turner) is the only son of a wealthy machine merchant, and was betrothed in infancy to the daughter of a wealthy mining magnate, Corsica Whistle (Becky Thomas). Both parents believed it bad luck to see the bride at all before the actual wedding day, and so the two have never actually met. Distraught at the prospect of living his life with someone he has never met, and who could be hideously ugly or dreadfully boring, Lonnie runs away and joins a group of vagrants living under a London overpass....

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Phill Moxley
Musical Director Keziah Jacombs
Assistant Director Poppy Roworth
Assistant Director Harry Campbell
Assistant Musical Director James Rosser


Role Name
Lonnie Choke David Turner
Corsica Whistle Becky "Tommy" Thomas
Winston Two-Monocles Ben George
Saltfish Bunyan Daniel Clements
Hetty Crosswise Amy Whitington
Jane Austin Katie Skidmore
The Hobo Librarian Richard Patient
Reginald Choke Richard Kille
Perola Whistle Anne-Linn Forbord
Terence Vampiros Chris Power
Harpo Marx Rob Kirtley
Groucho Marx Phill Moxley
Chico Marx Becky Hall
Karl Marx Chloe Starling
Chorus Nicola Asamoah
Chorus Stephen Bourne
Chorus Timothy Case
Chorus Rhiannon Creffield
Chorus Emily Furness
Chorus Megan Gibson
Chorus Kirsty Hough
Chorus Steve Jenkins
Chorus Emma Joy
Chorus Oliver Lea
Chorus Eleonore Mason
Chorus Owen Perring
Chorus Alex Purdue
Chorus Poppy Roworth
Chorus Charlotte Da Silva Skinner
Chorus Ruth Thomlinson


Role Name
Violin Hannah Martin
Piano Keziah Jacombs
Piano James Rosser
Flute Jason Beaumont
Cello Alice Heywood

Crew and Other Assistance[edit]

Role Name
Technical Director James Calder
Stage Manager Chris Power
SX Rex Bannerman
SX James Calder
Lighting Designer Matt Leech
LX Sally Freeman
Video Operator Rex Bannerman
Video Operator James Calder
Video Cast Anjelica Finnegan
Video Cast Kevin Copping
Video Cast Richard Copperwaite
Video Cast Jon Dunne
Video Cast Nick Barclay
Front of House Isabel Corlett


Role Name
Libretto Phill Moxley
Libretto Harry Campbell
Music Jolly Felton


Role Name
Chairman Anjelica Finnegan
Chairman Phill Moxley
Secretary Kirsty Hough
Treasurer Stephen Bourne
Publicity Officer Nick Barclay
Publicity Officer Emma Joy
Social Secretary Emma Jeffery
Ordinary Member Becky "Tommy" Thomas
Ordinary Member Stephen Young
Webmaster Owen Perring
Community Engagement Ruth Thomlinson

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