Merry Widow 2005

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Show poster from Merry Widow 2005

The Merry Widow was performed by LOpSoc on 9th -12th March 2005 at Nuffield Theatre.

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Andy Kay
Assistant Director Katie Sargeant
Musical Director Nicholas Haslam
Assistant Musical Director Lyndsay Barnbrook
Production Manager Richard Peaty
Production Manager Barbara Kennedy


Role Name
Anna Roma Loukes
Danilo Scott Ellis
Baron Zeta Richard Jackson
Valencienne Laura Smith
Camille Andy Ingram
Cascada Liam Sheena
St Brioche Richard Peaty
Njegus Richard Mayes
Olga Sarah Baldwin
Kromov Rob Kirtley
Praskovia Alice Vassallo
Pritsch Frankie Dysart
Sylvia Jenny Holton
Bogdanovitch Adrian Tang
A Grisette Josie Kirk
A Grisette Hannah Smith
A Grisette Sarah Pettitt
A Grisette Natasha Vincent
A Grisette Fi Billings
A Grisette Amanda Burnett
Vilia/Princess (video shorts) Katie Sargeant
Hunstman/Prince (video shorts) Andy Kay
The Tiger/Courtier (video shorts) Richard Mayes
Chorus Fi Billings
Chorus Tim Sell
Chorus Sarah Pettitt
Chorus Steve Arnold
Chorus Natasha Vincent
Chorus Amanda Burnett
Chorus Georgina Kirk
Chorus Josie Kirk
Chorus Jennifer Old
Chorus Hannah Smith
Chorus Naomi Ward


Role Name
Cello Jo Pickering
Clarinet Lucy Ayling
Flute Catherine Callaghan
Trumpet Ruth Talks
Trombone Natalie Chivers
Percussion Jon Emmett
Viola Eve Skinner
1st Violin Chris Nunn
1st Violin Alex Cannon
1st Violin Rupert Eastmann
2nd Violin Lyndsay Barnbrook
2nd Violin Zoe Lander-Brinkley

Crew and Other Assistance[edit]

Role Name
Stage Manager Anne Waggot
Costumes Laura Smith
Costumes Lynne Smith
Costumes Andy Kay
Properties Barbara Kennedy
Properties Andy Kay
Poster/Programmes Fi Billings
Poster/Programmes Graeme Potts
Lighting Tim Brocklehurst
Lighting Nick Reeve
Lighting Mark Bourne
Sound Design Russell Garrett
Sound Engineer Jacob Smit
Stage Crew Barbara Kennedy
Stage Crew Jamie O'Neill
Video Shorts Director Andy Kay
Video Shorts Cameraman Richard Jackson
Video Shorts Editing Richard Jackson
Video Shorts Editing Andy Kay
Repetiteur Catherine Callaghan
Choreographer Sarah Pettitt
Choreographer Andy Kay


Role Name
Chairman Laura Smith
Secretary Sarah Pettitt
Treasurer Scott Ellis
Publicity Officer Fi Billings
Publicity Officer Jennifer Old
Publicity Officer Steve Arnold
Social Secretary Roma Loukes
Ordinary Member Richard Jackson
Ordinary Member Georgina Kirk
Web & Media Liaison Officer Andy Kay

Photo Gallery[edit]