Mikado 1981

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Programme cover from Mikado 1981

Mikado was performed by LOpSoc on 23 - 27 February 1981 at Avenue Hall.


Role Name
The Mikado Paul Jerome
Ko-Ko Chris Young
Leaders Mike Boulding
Leaders Sarah Anderson


Role Name
Bassoon Catherine Higgs
Cello Alison Wagland
Cello Jock Strover
Cello John Taylor
Cello Martin Corless
Cello Tim Moore
Clarinet Julian Boardman
Clarinet Richard Andrews
Double Bass Keith Pickering
Flute Barbara Otto
Flute Hilary Schummer
French Horn Gillian Pates
French Horn John Marsland
Oboe Alison Linney
Oboe Janice Dorsett
Percussion Andrew Cheek
Trombone Barry Pointer
Trombone S Ridler
Trumpet Liz Desmond
Trumpet Michael Ernstoff
Trumpet Norman Frazer
Viola Alistair Bamford
Viola Peter Johnston
Viola Steve Greenwood
Violin Asher Rickayzen
Violin Liz Crowley

Crew and Other Assistance[edit]

Role Name
Repetiteur Ian McCubbin
Repetiteur Peter Franklin


Role Name
Chairman Martin Adlem
Secretary Jenny Dodge
Treasurer Chris Young
Orchestral Secretary William Hale
Publicity Officer Dave Selwood
Social Secretary Fiona Wiseman
Ordinary Member Stephanie Bessex

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