Pirates of Penzance 1979

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Programme cover for the show.

Pirates of Penzance was performed in conjunction with Trial by Jury by LOpSoc in 1979.

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Musical Director Francis Jeffries
Production Manager Joan Nixon
Stage Manager Nick Campbell
Stage Manager Peter Ryley


Role Name
Major-General Stanley Mark McKeon
Pirate King Ian Dunning
Samuel Peter Poulain
Frederic Martin Cooper
Sergeant of Police John Leech
Mabel Liz Roberts
Edith Jennifer Dodge
Kate Katrina Ellis
Isabel Janet Wight
Ruth Jennifer Jones
Chorus Alf Keeley
Chorus Alison Carmichael
Chorus Anne Clothier
Chorus Caroline Gahan
Chorus Craig Sawyers
Chorus Debra Standley
Chorus Diana Lowmar
Chorus Elaine Harper
Chorus Gillian Stock
Chorus Jackie Harris
Chorus Jane Westlake
Chorus Janet Dobson
Chorus Liz Newbold
Chorus Louise Portch
Chorus Malcolm Bell
Chorus Mandy Segall
Chorus Martin Adlem
Chorus Martin Roche
Chorus Nancy Hillelson
Chorus Paul Jerome
Chorus Pip Saunders
Chorus Richard Harris
Chorus Sally Walden
Chorus Sally Wren
Chorus Sarah Bernthal
Chorus Sheelagh Keating
Chorus Sonia Linnard
Chorus Sue Hambly
Chorus Suzanne Prichard
Chorus Ted Kendall

Crew and Other Assistance[edit]

Role Name
House Manager Karen West
Make Up Ann Millier
Make Up Carline Gahan
Prompt Janet Cima
Props Edward Stephens
Props Ros Tyler
Repetiteur Ian McCubbin
Set Design and Construction Craig Martin
Set Design and Construction Dave Coe
Set Design and Construction Janet Dobson
Set Design and Construction Janet Wight
Set Design and Construction Pete Ryley
Stage Crew Madeleine Little
Stage Crew Malcom Varnham
Wardrobe Christine King
Wardrobe Diana Lowmar


Role Name
Orchestral Secretary Bob Farmer
Orchestral Secretary Ian McCubbin
Publicity Officer Malcolm Bell

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