Pirates of Penzance 2007

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Show poster from Pirates of Penzance 2007

Pirates of Penzance was performed by LOpSoc on 8th -10th March 2007 in the West Refectory.

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Adrian Tang
Producer Nick Reeve
Assistant Producer Rob Kirtley
Musical Director Christopher Allinson


Role Name
Frederic Richard Jackson
Major General Stanley Jon Dunne
The Pirate King Danny Neville
Sergeant Rob Kirtley
Samuel Jamie Bennie-Coulson
Mabel Eleanor Moreton
Ruth Stephanie Crouch
Edith Anjelica Finnegan
Kate Liisa Kilpi
Isabel Naomi Ward
Chorus ThaoNguyen Nguyen
Chorus Naomi Ibbetson
Chorus Nick Reeve
Chorus Dave Turner
Chorus Peter Bowyer
Chorus David Fisher
Chorus Alina Feodorova
Chorus Ellie Handley
Chorus Josie Kirk
Chorus Adam Roe
Chorus Alexandra Couzens
Chorus Nichola Barry
Chorus Alex Perevedentsev


Role Name
Chairman Naomi Ward
Secretary Nick Reeve
Treasurer Rob Kirtley
Publicity Officer Jon Dunne
Publicity Officer Eleanor Moreton
Social Secretary Ellie Handley
Webmaster David Turner


Dominic McGlennon was the original Ruth but was struck down by largyngitis 6 weeks before the show started. Stephanie Crouch was drafted in to take her place and Liisa Kilpi took on Steph's old role of Kate.

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