Princess Ida 2010

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Show poster from Princess Ida 2010

Princess Ida was performed by LOpSoc on 17th - 20th March 2010 at the Annex Theatre.

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Richard Patient
Musical Director Keziah Jacombs
Assistant Director Elizabeth Tubby


Role Name
King Hildebrand Phill Moxley
Prince Hilarion Becky Hall
Cyril Jon Dunne
Florian Timothy Case
King Gama Richard Copperwaite
Arac Robert Frazer
Guron Mark Hill
Scynthius Nick Barclay
Princess Ida Liisa Kilpi
Lady Blanche Elizabeth Tubby
Lady Psyche Ruth Thomlinson
Melissa Jenni McDowall
Sacharissa Charlotte Da Silva Skinner
Chloe Chloe Starling
Deborah Nichola Barry
Beth Anne-Linn Forbord
Chorus Daniel Clements
Chorus Cara Glover
Chorus Kirsty Hough
Chorus Emma Jeffery
Chorus Richard Patient
Chorus Samantha Prior
Chorus Alex Purdue
Chorus Poppy Roworth
Chorus Sarah Stewart
Chorus Dave Turner
Chorus Olivia Wilson


Instrument Name
Keyboard Keziah Jacombs
Flute Roz Hamlin
Clarinet David King
Bassoon Hannah Matten
Trumpet Lucy Anne Johnston
Trombone G. Huw Llewellyn
Percussion Alex Pope
Violin Laurie McGee

Crew and Other Assistance[edit]

Role Name
Costumes Jenni McDowall
Assistant Choreographer Jenni McDowall
Photographer James Gill
Technical Director Katie Allen
Stage Manager James Calder


Role Name
Chairman Phill Moxley
Secretary Liisa Kilpi
Treasurer Mark Hill
Publicity Officer Becky Hall
Publicity Officer Jenny Corless
Social Secretary Jenni McDowall
Ordinary Member Chloe Starling
Ordinary Member Natasa Papanastassiou
Webmaster Harry Campbell

Photo Gallery[edit]

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