Ruddigore 1977

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Programme cover from Ruddigore 1977

Ruddigore was performed by LOpSoc in 1977 at Avenue Hall.

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Musical Director Francis Jeffries
Production Manager Joan Nixon
Stage Manager David Hughes


Role Name
Robin Oakapple Ian Dunning
Richard Dauntless Craig Sawyers
Sir Despard Mark McKeon
Old Adam Dave Fisher
Rose Maybud Liz Roberts
Mad Margaret Corrinne Sargeant
Dame Hannah Mary Low
Zora Louise Templeton
Ruth Annie Kingston
Bridesmaids Amanda Barnard
Bridesmaids Andrea Hazell
Bridesmaids Clair Wiliams
Bridesmaids Elizabeth Ahier
Bridesmaids Elizabeth Spencer
Bridesmaids Margaret Roberts
Bridesmaids Marion Marshall
Bridesmaids Nikki Watkins
Bridesmaids Sue Hague
Bridesmaids Sue Phillips
Dancing Girls Angela Recknell
Dancing Girls Theresa Bound
Leaders Jeremy Ovenden
Sir Roderick Murgatroyd Eric Parry
Chorus Angela Davies
Chorus Barbara Wargan
Chorus Carolyn Warr
Chorus Christopher Gale
Chorus Denise Duxbury
Chorus Eileen Rogan
Chorus Gillian Stock
Chorus Ian Jefferis
Chorus Ian Metcalfe
Chorus Ian Wallace
Chorus James Nicholson
Chorus Jonathon Craig
Chorus Malcolm Bell
Chorus Mary Hayden
Chorus Mike Davies
Chorus Nicholas Childs
Chorus Paul Butler
Chorus Pete Collins
Chorus Philip McDowell
Chorus Philip Taylor
Chorus Priscilla Maddams
Chorus Richard Evans
Chorus Sue Jeliffe
Chorus Virginia Watts
Chorus Wendy Scott-Jupp


Role Name
Bass Gary Philbrick
Bass Tony Bailey
Bassoon Simon Hopper
Cello Caroline Bloss
Cello Howard Jones
Clarinet Colin Rutland
Clarinet Trevor Defford
Flute Christine Taylor
Flute Jenny Harrison
Horn Barry Vaughan
Horn Christopher Fox
Oboe Michael Wilson
Percussion Heather Vaughan
Percussion Jane Lloyd
Trombone Andrew Noble
Trombone Keith Culham
Trumpet Frances Rake
Trumpet Philip Stokes
Viola Anna Choely
Viola Anna Johnson
Viola Janet Hansel
Violin Chris Evans
Violin Dianne Culverhouse
Violin Donald McGown
Violin Janet Loveless
Violin Margaret Hull
Violin Patricia Laurie
Violin Paula Dilger

Crew and Other Assistance[edit]

Role Name
House Manager Richard Baker
Lighting Nigel Thompson
Lighting Steve Goodwin
Make Up Dorothy Saul
Make Up Louise Overy
Production Manager's Assistant Janet Goddard
Props Ian Jefferis
Repetiteur Louise Overy
Set Design and Construction Anne Clothier
Set Design and Construction Corrinne Sargeant
Set Design and Construction Craig Sawyers
Set Design and Construction David Hughes
Set Design and Construction Dorothy Saul
Set Design and Construction Eric Parry
Set Design and Construction Richard Evans
Set Design and Construction Roger Davies
Stage Crew Colin Hall
Stage Crew Owain Franks
Wardrobe Dorothy Saul
Wardrobe Ian Jefferis
Wardrobe Pam Davison


Role Name
Orchestral Secretary Corrinne Sargeant

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