Ruddigore 1984

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Ruddigore was performed by LOpSoc on 21 - 25 February 1984 at Avenue Hall.

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Musical Director Stephen Bell
Production Manager Joan Nixon
Stage Manager Jeremy Pratt


Role Name
Robin Oakapple Julian Stevens
Richard Dauntless Alan Sharpe
Sir Despard Bob Seeman
Old Adam Michael King
Rose Maybud Kathy Willis
Mad Margaret Lorna Perry
Dame Hannah Eleanor Jones
Zora Caroline Wedd
Ruth Nicola Slade
Bridesmaids Caroline Wedd
Bridesmaids Georgina Allen
Bridesmaids Henrietta Lyon
Bridesmaids Janet Hutton
Bridesmaids Margaret Macleod
Bridesmaids Nicola Slade
Bridesmaids Sarah Gray
Bridesmaids Sue Townsend
Bridesmaids Tracy Webb
Bridesmaids Yvonne Dawes
Ghosts Andy Hall
Ghosts Kevin Lancashire
Ghosts Nicholas Lee
Ghosts Thomas Sandford
Sir Roderick Murgatroyd Mark Mangham
Typist Tracy Webb
Chorus Andrew Cooke
Chorus Charles Leeming
Chorus Erica Struthers
Chorus Geraldine Hine
Chorus Heather Jones
Chorus Howard Moody
Chorus Jennifer Nicholls
Chorus Jim Thorpe
Chorus Julia Murray
Chorus Julie Leeming
Chorus Keong Hui
Chorus Michelle Jemmett
Chorus Nicola Harris
Chorus Quentin Arnold
Chorus Ralph Wilson
Chorus Richard Waite
Chorus Robin Baker
Chorus Rosmary Birch
Chorus Sandra Henegatti
Chorus Sara Bolton
Chorus Simon Gregory
Chorus Simone Joyce


Role Name
Bassoon Chris Brookes
Cello Andrew Schoenbeck
Cello Nigel Adlan
Clarinet Chris Hall
Clarinet Janice Whick
Clarinet Mike Lavin
Flute Frances Hynes
Oboe Joanna Shiels
Oboe Joy Gard
Percussion David Crilly
Percussion Karen Stockley
Trombone Alan Sayle
Trombone Dave Bright
Trombone David Muskett
Trumpet Roger Jackson
Trumpet Stephen Clark
Viola Aidan McGarry
Violin Alexandra Boardman
Violin Andrea Broughton
Violin David Lowick
Violin Joanna Hughes
Violin Judith Reed
Violin Martyn Hill
Violin Peter Castle

Crew and Other Assistance[edit]

Role Name
Call Girl Richard Harris
Front of House Jackie Miller
Lighting Frank Paines
Lighting Richard Harris
Make Up Paddy Driscoll
Photography Frank Paines
Prompt Paddy Driscoll
Props Chris Hall
Repetiteur Alan Sharpe
Repetiteur Andy Hall
Repetiteur Nicola Slade
Repetiteur Sandy Lawrie
Set Design and Construction Andy Hall
Set Design and Construction Jim Thorpe
Set Design and Construction Michelle Jemmett
Set Design and Construction Richard Waite
Set Design and Construction Thomas Sandford
Wardrobe Katie Playle


Role Name
Chairman Bob Seeman
Secretary Kathy Willis
Treasurer Andy Hall
Orchestral Secretary Chris Hall
Publicity Officer Michael King
Social Secretary Tracy Webb
Ordinary Member Nicola Slade

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