Ruddigore 2006

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Show poster from Ruddigore 2006

Ruddigore was performed by LOpSoc in the Boldrewood Lecture Theatre in March 2006. It was the last show to be performed in Boldrewood by LOpSoc.

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Richard Jackson
Producer Nick Reeve
Producer Barbara Kennedy
Musical Director Lyndsay Barnbrook
Assistant Musical Director Catherine Callaghan


Role Name
Robin Oakapple Andy Ingram
Sir Despard Murgatroyd Rob Kirtley
Richard Dauntless Tim Sell
Old Adam Goodheart David Turner
Sir Roderic Murgatroyd Jon Dunne
Rose Maybud Ellie Handley
Mad Margaret Eleanor Moreton
Dame Hannah Sarah Flint
Zorah Alice Vassallo
Ruth Sarah Pettitt
Chorus Naomi Ward
Chorus Kate Gallagher
Chorus Richard Jackson
Chorus Andy Kay
Chorus Josie Kirk
Chorus Kirsten Lamb
Chorus Laura Smith
Chorus Adrian Tang
Chorus Natasha Vincent


Role Name
Treasurer Rob Kirtley
Social Secretary Sarah Pettitt
Publicity Officer Naomi Ward

Photo Gallery[edit]


The abduction of Showstopper's wooden cow led to a spectacular fallout with their then Chairman, Tim Berryman. This was LOpSoc's final show in the Boldrewood lecture theatre before its demolition in 2007.