Trial by Jury 1986

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Trial by Jury was performed by LOpSoc on 25 February - 1 March 1986 at Avenue Hall.

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Musical Director David Crilly
Production Manager Joan Nixon
Stage Manager Howard Moody


Role Name
Judge Hugh Osborne
Plaintiff Anna Dubois
Defendant Paul Rooney
Counsel for Plaintiff Andrew Lockwood
Foreman of Jury Thomas Sandford
First Bridesmaid Jo Brecknell
Juryman Daniel Jaffé

Crew and Other Assistance[edit]

Role Name
Call Girl Richard Harris
Front of House Andrew Hartley
Front of House Rob Martin
Lighting Alistair Sinking
Lighting Nicola Samels
Lighting Richard Little
Make Up Joan Nixon
Production Manager's Assistant Peter Britton
Props Chris Hall
Repetiteur Andrew Hartley
Repetiteur's Assistant Andy Hall
Repetiteur's Assistant Simon Harrison
Set Design and Construction Carolyn Cole
Set Design and Construction Howard Moody
Set Design and Construction Julie Lamm
Set Design and Construction Nigel Sterndale
Stage Crew Andy Hall
Stage Crew Graham Allen
Stage Crew Jeremy Pratt
Stage Crew Julie Lamm
Stage Crew Mike Darling
Stage Crew Nigel Sterndale
Stage Crew Thomas Sandford
Wardrobe Carolyn Cole


Role Name
Chairman Eleanor Jones
Secretary Keong Hui
Treasurer Howard Moody
Orchestral Secretary Hilary Long
Publicity Officer James Povey
Social Secretary Margaret Macleod
Ordinary Member Thomas Sandford

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