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I started this wiki in April 2009 and I'm really pleased to see how LOpSocers, both old and new, have helped to keep it up to date and fill in the gaps.

My initial upload of data was based on a database I put together shortly after leaving LOpSoc in 1999. The source was an old A4 box file archive full of programmes and other memorabilia from previous shows. Initially I built a website to display this data, back in the early days of data-driven websites - I think it was written in Classic ASP with VBScript as the scripting language.

The obvious next step would have been to write some more pages to allow visitors to add their own information. Unfortunately I didn't find the time to do this and as it wasn't properly hosted the site fell into disuse.

I kept the domain name and when, several years later, I started hosting other websites I remembered the database I had created and thought how easily it could form the basis of a wiki. I particularly like the collaborative features of wikis and the way they allow you to manage edits from multiple users which seems to be just what this site needs.

I hope you have fun looking through the site and perhaps recalling some happy memories. If you have any information to add, particularly old show programmes and/or cast listings, I'd be really grateful if you could add them to the wiki. If you're not confident doing this, or need any other information, please email me. For that, take my (two letter) initials and replace where you see # and build up the address as follows (remove all spaces too): #1 #2 at goo gle ma il dot c om

The last upgrade I made to the MediaWiki installation was on 9 Aug 2020 from v1.26.2 to v1.34

History of Roles

Performance Role
Utopia Limited 1999 Chorus
Utopia Limited 1999 Social Secretary
Gondoliers 1998 Chorus
Gondoliers 1998 Publicity Officer
Summer Show 1998 Colonel Calverley

Photo Gallery

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