Summer Show 1998

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A Summer Show was performed by LOpSoc in 1998 at Local Schools.


Role Name
Colonel Calverly Jon Spinage
Joseph Porter KCB Adam Case
Sir Marmaduke Adam Case
Alexis Phil Cheesman
Major Murgatroyd Phil Cheesman
Nanki-Poo Martin Paterson
Pirate King Martin Paterson
Dr Daly Miles Ballisat
Duke of Dunstable Shaun Dodimead
Ko-Ko Richard Peaty
Samuel Richard Peaty
Frederic Miles Ballisat
Reginald Bunthorne Richard Peaty
Sergeant of Police Adam Case
Yum-Yum Charlie Pitts
Yum-Yum Jo Hayles
Aline Charlie Pitts
Edith Jo Shipman
Pitti-Sing Nikki Feiven
Hebe Nikki Feiven
Kate Steph Radford
Mrs Parlett Judith Collins
Peep-Bo Steph Radford

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