What a Banker! 2010

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Show poster from What a Banker! 2010

What a Banker! was performed by LOpSoc on 17th - 18th June 2010 at the Annex Theatre.

A joint venture from LOpSoc and CompSoc - a modern light opera written by students for students with all proceeds going to Charity.

Howard Lloyds-Halifax runs the most successful bank in the world, and could well be solely responsible for the current economic crisis. His wife Abbey has to put up with his constant cheating and callousness, his employees are subject to his every fancy, and no woman is safe from his grasping hands. It takes the wrath of one band of disgruntled graduates to finally bring him back down to earth... and maybe even further down than that...

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Jenni McDowall
Musical Director Cecily Burchill
Assistant Director Chloe Starling
Producer Daniel Clements


Role Name
Howard Lloyds-Halifax Nick Barclay
Abbey Lloyds-Halifax Elizabeth Tubby
Jamie Anjelica Finnegan
Pauline Mark Hill
Sue Liisa Kilpi
Chief of Police Bob Phill Moxley
Harry Dave Turner
Larry Robert Frazer
Lily Charlotte Da Silva Skinner
Helen Chloe Starling
Chorus Nichola Barry
Chorus Timothy Case
Chorus Daniel Clements
Chorus Cara Glover
Chorus Ben George
Chorus Kirsty Hough
Chorus Sarah-Jane Hunter
Chorus Keziah Jacombs
Chorus Emma Joy
Chorus Jenni McDowall
Chorus Alex Purdue
Chorus Ruth Thomlinson
Chorus Olivia Wilson


Role Name
Violin Ray Tongman
Viola Mike Frost
Bassoon Becky Carey
Oboe Matt Parsons
Piano Adam Crane
Flute Rowan Baker
Cello Tom Goose

Crew and Other Assistance[edit]

Role Name
Assistant Choreographer Stephen Young
Technical Director James Calder
Stage Manager Stephen McDonald
Assistant Stage Manager Mustafa Pathan
SX Mike Frost
SX Nichola Louis
SX Robert Paines
Lighting Designer Chris Duncan
Lighting Designer Hannah Evans
LX Sally Freeman


Role Name
Libretto Phill Moxley
Libretto Jenni McDowall
Libretto Elizabeth Tubby
Libretto Anne-Linn Forbord
Music Rory O'Donnell
Music Jaipal Channa
Music Chloe Starling
Music Robert Langdon


Role Name
Chairman Anjelica Finnegan
Secretary Chloe Starling
Treasurer Ruth Thomlinson
Publicity Officer Becky Hall
Publicity Officer Phill Moxley
Social Secretary Jenni McDowall
Ordinary Member Cara Glover
Ordinary Member Charlotte Da Silva Skinner
Webmaster Robert Frazer

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