G&S Guide to Opera 1993

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Programme cover from G&S Guide to Opera 1993

The G&S Guide to Opera was performed by LOpSoc on 29th June - 2nd July 1993 at Local Schools.

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Production Manager Ruth Baillie
Producer Martin Paterson
Producer Ian Wesley
Stage Manager Richard Harris


Role Name
Ko-Ko Peter Thorpe
Rose Maybud Ruth Baillie
Dame Hannah Abi Linnartz
The Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph Porter KCB Mike Sharpe
Mabel Gemma Britton
The Lady Angela Ruth Baillie
Reginald Bunthorne Peter Thorpe
The Lady Saphir Abi Linnartz
Sergeant of Police Jonathon Smith
Major Murgatroyd Pete Lancaster
Colonel Calverey Jonathon Smith
Lieut. the Duke of Dunstable Gavin Blackman
The Lady Angela (again) Ruth Baillie
The Lady Saphir (again) Abi Linnartz
Yum-Yum Ruth Baillie
Peep-Bo Abi Linnartz
Pitti-Sing Pete Lancaster
Phoebe Abi Linnartz
Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd Jonathon Smith
Sir Despard Murgatroyd Mike Sharpe
Mad Margeret Abi Linnartz
Phyllis Ruth Baillie
Iolanthe Gemma Britton
Queen of the Faries Bridget Cunningham
Lord Mountararat Peter Thorpe
Lord Tolloller Gavin Blackman
The Lord Chancellor Mike Sharpe
Chorus Nik Shaylor
Chorus Becky Waters


Role Name
Piano Martin Paterson
Piano Jo Bridle
Piano Liz Garnett

Song List[edit]

Song Show
Ring forth Ye Bells The Sorcerer
On a tree by a river Mikado
When the buds are blossoming Ruddigore
When I was a lad H.M.S. Pinafore
Poor wand'ring one! Pirates of Penzance
In a doleful train Patience
When a felon's not engaged Pirates of Penzance
Hail Poetry Pirates of Penzance
If Saphir I choose to marry Patience
Three little maids from school Mikado
Were I thy bride Yeomen of the Guard
Act II finale Iolanthe

Tour Schedule[edit]

Time Location
Tuesday a.m. Mount Pleasant Middle School
Tuesday p.m. Portswood School
Wednesday a.m. St. Monica Middle School
Wednesday p.m. Shirley Middle School
Thursday a.m. St. Patrick's School
Thursday p.m. Highfield C of E School
Friday a.m. St. Mark's School

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