Martin Paterson

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History of Roles[edit]

Performance Role
Mikado 2002 Orchestral Parts
Iolanthe 2001 Repetiteur
Pirates of Penzance 2000 Stage Manager
Utopia Limited 1999 Lighting
Utopia Limited 1999 Repetiteur
Utopia Limited 1999 Stage Manager
Gondoliers 1998 Repetiteur
Gondoliers 1998 Stage Manager
Summer Show 1998 Nanki-Poo
Summer Show 1998 Pirate King
Ruddigore 1997 Lighting
Ruddigore 1997 Repetiteur
Ruddigore 1997 Stage Manager
Princess Ida 1996 Additional Scenery
Princess Ida 1996 Musical Director
Mikado 1995 Musical Director
Summer Show 1995 Production Manager & Musical Director
Summer Show 1995 Piano
Summer Show 1994 Musical Director
Pirates of Penzance 1993 Musical Director
G&S Guide to Opera 1993 Musical Director
Gondoliers 1992 Musical Director
Summer Show 1992 Musical Director
The Zoo 1991 Musical Director
H.M.S. Pinafore 1990 Musical Director
Trial by Jury 1989 Musical Director

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