Gondoliers 2016

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LOpSoc 2016 Summer show, performed from the 8th to the 11th of June 2016 at the Annex Theatre.

Marco and Giuseppe are two merry republican Venetian gondoliers, recently engaged to Gianetta and Tessa. What is their surprise when, right after their wedding, the Spanish inquisitor Don Alhambra shows up and reveals that one of them is no other than the King of Barataria!

The inquisitor stole the baby prince from Barataria many years ago and brought him to be raised by a gondolier in Venice. Said gondolier died when Marco and Giuseppe were younger, and now the only person who can identify the true King is Inez, the lady who nursed the royal baby back in Barataria. Now with the death of the former King, it is imperative that Marco and Giuseppe leave immediately and assume the throne as one individual. There is only one little problem: ladies are not allowed in the court of Barataria, and so Gianetta and Tessa must remain in Venice...

That, in fact, is just an excuse made up by Don Alhambra. The truth is, the prince of Barataria was married in infancy to Casilda, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Plaza-Toro. Casilda herself didn't know about her husband, and is desolate when her parents tell her the truth. She is secretly in love with Luiz, her father's servant, and now her dreams seem more impossible than ever before...

Are the gondoliers going to succeed in bringing their republican ideals to Barataria? What will happen when Gianetta and Tessa find out that either Marco or Giuseppe was already married to Casilda? Will the Plaza-Toros regain their status and fortune? Will Don Alhambra find Inez and finally solve this confusion?

Love, gondolas, political ideals, mistaken identities and all the classic G&S plot tweaks and twists meet in the Annex Theatre!

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Joe Hand
Director Owen Perring
Assistant Director Vikie Miller
Musical Director Renata SK
Musical Director George Smith
Choreographer Emily Gray
Producer Jeremy Hunt
Wardrobe Manager Amber Courage
Assistant Wardrobe Manager Guillemette Rident
Technical Director Edmund King
Lighting Designer George Tucker
Technical Crew


Role Name
Marco Barnaby Wilson
Giuseppe Stephen Woolford
Gianetta Mara Zimmerman
Tessa Sophie Brant
Duke Plaza-Toro David Child
Duchess Rhona Graham / Venetia Matthews
Casilda Amy Wardle
Luiz Ben Walker
Don Alhambra Billy Boulton
Inez Rhiannon Creffield
Fiametta Amber Courage
Giulia Katie Giles
Vittoria Emma Joy
Antonio Archie Combe
Francesco Richard Kille
Giorgio Philip Needle
Chorus Abigail Smith
Chorus Desiree Fong
Chorus Jaime Lomeli
Chorus Lucia Watts
Chorus Nadia Fundell
Chorus Patrick Edwards
Chorus Renata SK
Chorus Steve Jenkins
Chorus Tisha Knowles