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Amber, a sassy music graduate, joined LOpSoc in 2016 for Fiddler on the Roof, not expecting the tag team cult effort of Ben Walker and Katie Giles raining down meaning that it was too late for escape. She may have questionable murderous French ancestors, so we don't mock her TOO much, for the safety of our English souls.

Having fled the burning remains of Anatevka in Fiddler on the Roof 2016, she then moved onto getting sweet revenge on Katie Giles in her role as Fiametta in the upcoming run of The Gondoliers by refusing to let her ruin the plan of eschewing the gondoliers in favour of Marco and Giuseppe by way of violence. She is also took on the mammoth task of clothing the entirety of LOpSoc with beautiful clothes as the wardrobe director of the aforementioned show.

She went on to play the outrageously sassy Peep Bo in The Mikado 2017 in the Nuffield Theatre, gaining significant attention for the combination of schadenfreude and fan-sass in her performance. She reprised the role for Mikado 2017 (Harrogate). Following from this, Amber took on the marginally less sassy role of Zorah in Ruddygore 2018.

For LOpSoc's Summer show that same year, Amber gained her first lead role as Patience, the village milkmaid, in Patience 2018. This signalled the triumphant return of the sass, particularly directed at Bunthorne (Daniel Williams-Brown). She will go on to perform the role again in Patience 2018 (Harrogate).

Major Achievements[edit]

  • Dressing an errant cast beautifully despite many setbacks.
  • Has cultivated a mean Really? stare from practicing on Ben Walker and Katie Giles at parties.
  • Reached the exalted rank of True Soprano by sitting on a "chair of men."

History of Roles[edit]

Performance Role
Princess Ida 2019 Musical Director
Patience 2018 (Harrogate) Patience
Patience 2018 Patience
Ruddygore 2018 Zorah
The Mikado 2017 (Harrogate) Peep Bo/Wardrobe
The Mikado 2017 Peep Bo/Wardrobe
Gondoliers 2016 (Harrogate) Fiametta/Wardrobe
Gondoliers 2016 Publicity Officer
Gondoliers 2016 Fiametta/ Wardrobe
Fiddler on the Roof 2016 Daughters Chorus