Iolanthe 2001

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Show poster from Iolanthe 2001

Iolanthe was performed by LOpSoc on 1-3 March 2001 at Boldrewood.

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Charlie Pugh
Musical Director Adrian Taylor
Production Manager Charlie Pugh
Production Manager Rosie Kelly
Stage Manager Phil Moody
Assistant Director Richard Peaty
Assistant Musical Director Rosie Kelly
Assistant Stage Manager Melissa Taylor


Role Name
Lord Chancellor Adam Case
Earl of Mountararat Phil Cheesman
Earl of Mountararat Richard Peaty
Earl Tolloller Ian Tempest
Private Willis Frankie Dysart
Strephon Tom Hopgood
Queen of the Fairies Hanna McMillan
Iolanthe Sarah Hodkinson
Celia Kirsty Shand
Leila Helen Sanders
Fleta Hannah Gilbertson
Phyllis Olivia Hinman
Chorus Alana Nairn
Chorus Alexis Taylor
Chorus Andy Kay
Chorus Anna Byrne
Chorus Becky Ashwin
Chorus Ben Stevenson
Chorus Dave Broadley
Chorus Eleanor Barnfield
Chorus Elizabeth Howard
Chorus Emma Lambourne
Chorus Jonathan Twaites
Chorus Jonathan Wharton
Chorus Mark Mellish
Chorus Matt Lock
Chorus Phillip Hunn
Chorus Rosie Kelly
Chorus Tristan Forster
Chorus Vicky Stephens


Role Name
Cello Melanie Holmes
Clarinet Kelly Langsford
Clarinet Susannah Ronan
Double Bass Andrew Eaves
Flute Franceska Dante
French Horn Jonathan Higgins
Oboe Rachael Carlin
Percussion Emily Clarke
Trombone Roland Spencer-Smith
Trumpet Annette Hawker
Viola Hazel Carlin
Viola Vincent Iyengar
Violin Benjamin Westley
Violin Cerys Emmett
Violin Chris Nunn
Violin Chris Pynn
Violin Lucy Norman
Violin Michal Ajzensztejn
Violin Mike Nunn
Violin Tabitha King

Crew and Other Assistance[edit]

Role Name
Artwork Mitch Crease
Choreographer Julia Johnson
Costumes Rosie Kelly
Lighting Charlie Pugh
Lighting Peter Mills
Programme Design Adrian Hickford
Programme Design Anne Croudass
Repetiteur Martin Paterson
Set Design and Construction Adam Case
Set Design and Construction Alana Nairn
Set Design and Construction Charlie Pugh
Set Design and Construction Mark Mellish
Set Design and Construction Matt Lock
Set Design and Construction Phil Moody
Set Design and Construction Richard Peaty
Set Design and Construction Rosie Kelly
Sound Gareth Thomas
Sound Tim Rowlandson


Role Name
Chairman Matt Lock
Secretary Emma Lambourne
Treasurer Jonathan Twaites
Publicity Officer Alana Nairn
Publicity Officer Kirsty Shand
Social Secretary Tom Hopgood
Ordinary Member Jonathan Wharton
Ordinary Member Richard Peaty

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