Pirates of Penzance 2000

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Show poster from Pirates of Penzance 2000

Pirates of Penzance was performed by LOpSoc on 22 - 25 March 2000 at Nuffield Theatre.

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Phil Cheesman
Musical Director Adrian Taylor
Production Manager Adam Case
Production Manager Charlie Pugh
Stage Manager Martin Paterson
Assistant Musical Director Marcus Reeves


Role Name
Major-General Stanley Richard Peaty
Pirate King Tom Hopgood
Samuel Shaun Dodimead
Frederic Ian Tempest
Sergeant of Police Adam Case
Mabel Emily Johnston
Edith Jessie Stephens
Kate Emma Lambourne
Isabel Kirsty Shand
Ruth Jo Shipman
Chorus Alana Nairn
Chorus Anne Croudass
Chorus Becky Ashwin
Chorus Ben Stevenson
Chorus Chris Beadle
Chorus Elizabeth Howard
Chorus Hannah Dutton
Chorus Jo Short
Chorus Jonathan Cathie
Chorus Jonathan Twaites
Chorus Jonathan Wharton
Chorus Kirsty Shand
Chorus Mark Mellish
Chorus Mark Smith
Chorus Matt Lock
Chorus Meryl Davies
Chorus Nichola McKinley
Chorus Pete Woodcock
Chorus Phillip Hunn
Chorus Roisin Owens
Chorus Rosie Kelly
Chorus Sarah Totterdell
Chorus Stephen Edwards
Chorus Tristan Forster
Chorus Will Wohlman


Role Name
Cello Jane Bevan
Clarinet Ceri Griffin
Clarinet Jo Spensley
Double Bass Bastien Terraz
Flute Katie England
French Horn Jonathon Higgins
Oboe Hannah Oliver
Oboe Rebecca Norman
Percussion Franceska Dante
Trombone Paul Fotherby
Trumpet Annette Hawker
Viola Kimberley Conner
Violin Andy Chalmers
Violin Chris Pynn
Violin Louise Holmes
Violin Verena Kuhnhenn

Crew and Other Assistance[edit]

Role Name
Alternative Words Nichola McKinley
Alternative Words Phil Cheesman
Alternative Words Richard Peaty
Artwork Mitch Crease
Backstage Conductor Marcus Reeves
Backstage Crew Carol Johnson
Backstage Crew Cat Brown
Backstage Crew Mark Salathiel
Backstage Crew Nicki Boardman
Backstage Crew Richard Harris
Costumes Charlie Pugh
Costumes Jo Shipman
Costumes Marianne Field
Lighting Charlie Pugh
Lighting Martin Clift
Lighting Phil Moody
Lighting Ron Tillyer
Make Up Charlotte Wyatt
Make Up Nicki Boardman
Programme Design Adam Case
Props Phil Cheesman
Repetiteur Marcus Reeves
Set Design and Construction Adam Case
Set Design and Construction Alana Nairn
Set Design and Construction Mark Mellish
Set Design and Construction Mark Smith
Set Design and Construction Nichola McKinley
Set Design and Construction Phil Moody
Set Design and Construction Richard Harris
Set Design and Construction Richard Peaty
Set Design and Construction Shaun Dodimead
Set Design and Construction Sophy Walsh
Set Design and Construction Tiffany Saul


Role Name
Chairman Richard Peaty
Secretary Chris Beadle
Treasurer Jessie Stephens
Publicity Officer Will Wohlman
Social Secretary Tristan Forster
Ordinary Member Emma Lambourne
Ordinary Member Jonathan Twaites

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