Ruddigore 1997

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Show poster from Ruddigore 1997

Ruddigore was performed by LOpSoc on 20 - 22 February 1997 at Boldrewood.

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Ian Shatwell
Musical Director Simon Pickering
Production Manager Sarah Toney
Stage Manager Martin Paterson
Assistant Director Elizabeth Magill
Assistant Director Lorna Kaye


Role Name
Robin Oakapple Mike Sharpe
Richard Dauntless Ian Gaitley
Sir Despard Adrian Hickford
Old Adam Richard Davis
Rose Maybud Nichola McKinley
Mad Margaret Vicky Rowcroft
Dame Hannah Sarah Willoughby
Zora Charlie Pitts
Ruth Claire Broadley
Ghosts Dan Cathie
Ghosts Peter Christmas
Ghosts Phil Cheesman
Ghosts Tim Whitten
Sailors Ian Shatwell
Sailors Phil Cheesman
Sir Roderick Murgatroyd Adam Case
Chorus Anne-Marie Morris-Jones
Chorus Cathy Farrup
Chorus Cathy Tennent
Chorus Claire Broadley
Chorus Elizabeth Magill
Chorus Faye Confavreux
Chorus Kirsty Andrews
Chorus Lesley Mitchell
Chorus Lorna Kaye
Chorus Rachel Hodgson


Role Name
Bassoon Lucy Greenwood
Cello Helen Isaac
Cello Jon Keys
Clarinet Joanna Trimby
Clarinet Tracey Martin
Conductor Simon Pickering
Double Bass Mary Toms
Flute Alison White
Flute Saskia Sessions
Horn Caroline Emery
Horn Richard Wyatt
Oboe Fiona Reeves
Percussion Steve Thomas
Trombone Anthony Brice
Trombone James Brown
Trumpet Angela Hill
Trumpet Mark Cox
Viola Charlotte Bailey
Viola Kimberley Conner
Violin Aaron Hampton
Violin Chris Pynn
Violin Christine Woodward
Violin Felicity Broome-Skelton
Violin Fiona Richards
Violin Helen Davis
Violin Joelle de Jonge
Violin Lorna Marsh

Crew and Other Assistance[edit]

Role Name
Backstage Crew Chris Waters
Backstage Crew John Trencher
Backstage Crew Mark Mellish
Backstage Crew Richard Harris
Front of House Carol Johnson
Front of House Julia Snyder
Front of House Karen Ellis
Front of House Nikki Feiven
Front of House Sarah Haden
Front of House Timothy Ashley
Lighting Edmond Hyland
Lighting Martin Paterson
Lighting Richard Eliott
Make Up Vicky Rowcroft
Poster Design Dan Cathie
Programme Design Adam Case
Repetiteur Martin Paterson
Scenery Design Nichola McKinley
Set Design and Construction Ian Shatwell
Wardrobe Charlie Pitts
Wardrobe Sarah Toney
Wardrobe Timothy Ashley


Role Name
Chairman Phil Cheesman
Secretary Claire Broadley
Treasurer Kirsty Andrews
Orchestral Secretary Alison White
Publicity Officer Charlie Pitts
Publicity Officer Sarah Willoughby
Social Secretary Cathy Tennent
Ordinary Member Elizabeth Magill
Ordinary Member Lorna Kaye

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