Charlie Dawkins

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Charlie or the Char joined LOpSoc as our youngest member for Mikado 2017 in the Nuffield to do the makeup of the cast. She impressively managed to cope with all of LOpSoc's ridiculousness and general stupidity and thus was kept for the next eternity. She is particularly noted for being patient with many cast members fascination with makeup and coping with cast reactions such as Philip Needle during Mikado (of famed red eyes) and Annabelle Sessions during Ruddygore 2018. Her biggest triumph is probably doing the ghost makeup for Ruddygore 2018 achieving ultimate spooky levels for stage purposes, as well as the dragon tattoo for Joe Hand during Mikado 2017.

Production Team Roles[edit]

Show Role
Patience 2018 Makeup Artist
Ruddygore 2018 Makeup Artist
Mikado 2017 Makeup Artist