Ruddygore 2018

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Show poster from Ruddygore 2018, designed by Jamie Hizzett and Tim Lutton

Ruddigore, or 'Ruddygore' (as it was originally spelled and, thus, adopted as the title of this production) was performed in the Annex Theatre on 14th-17th February 2018. The score was adapted by Isaac Treuherz for a folk band, with the set and costumes following this folkish aesthetic, with vines and flowers in abundance.

About the Show[edit]

The show was a 'folksy rehashing' of Gilbert and Sullivan's Ruddygore. With an air of folk instrumentation, we built upon a woodland concept and a rejuvenated score to tell this funny, satirical and - at times - tender story. From the outset, we wanted this production to be new, to reimagine the characters, story and music, to update it and see what elements edure and which adapt. To realise this change, we not only incorporated traditional folk instrumentation, but the music was tweaked to facilitate this change, taking influence from the rhythms and structures of classic jigs and polkas. Adding to this theme, we fused elements of traditional highland and ceilidh dances to give the music and story a fresh avenue through which to breathe and express a sense of history and community so prevalent throughout the story.

We also examined the characters, their motivations and interpretations and discovered interesting insights into their thoughts and wants, the stories they tell. A major change in terms of the characters was gender swapping the character of Dick Dauntless to 'Fanny Fearless', played by Abby Pardoe, which opened up new avenues of interpretation. Moreover, the chorus was reworked so there was a full SATB chorus in both Act I and II, allowing for not only more harmony options, but also the inclusion of village men in the bridesmaid songs and female baronets in the Ghost songs.

Photo Gallery[edit]

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Lucy Rose
Assistant Director/Choreographer Michelle McInnes
Choreographer Owain Boorman
Musical Director Isaac Treuherz
Musical Director Hannah Parsons
Musical Director Liam Chan
Producer Tim Lutton
Producer Jamie Hizzett
Costumes Tzofia R
Costumes Eris Perring
Makeup Artist Charlie Dawkins
Hair Katie Giles


Role Name
Robin Oakapple Philip Needle
Rose Maybud Bridie Strachan
Mad Margaret Jesse Bean McCabe
Sir Despard David Child
Dame Hannah Ella Sabine
Fanny Fearless Abby Pardoe
Sir Roderic Richard Kille
Old Adam Billy Boulton
Zorah Amber Courage
Ruth Rhona Graham
Chorus Andrew Rose
Chorus Annabelle Sessions
Chorus Daniel Williams-Brown
Chorus Dom Navikas
Chorus Doreen Zhou
Chorus Eris Perring
Chorus Katie Giles
Chorus Luke Comerford
Chorus Martha Fooks
Chorus Megan Warinton
Chorus Michelle McInnes
Chorus Nadia Fundell
Chorus Pete Alexander
Chorus Tim Lutton
Chorus Tori Arnold
Chorus Zhili Hao


Role Name
Technical Director Edmund King
Assistant Technical Director Kit Grange
Lighting Jason Garde
Lighting George Smith
Sound Will Barber


Role Name
Conductor Isaac Treuherz
Guitar Hannah Parsons
Fiddle Doug Morgan
Cello Alice Paine
Double Bass Ross Millar
Tin Whistle/Oboe Chris Hartland
Recorder Natasha Bennetts, (Oliver Downer), (Grace Timby)
Bodhran James Atkins


Role Name
Chair David Child
Secretary Amber Courage
Treasurer Michelle McInnes
Publicity Officer Isaac Treuherz
Publicity Officer Nadia Fundell
Social Secretary Philip Needle
Webmaster Renata Stella
Loremaster Billy Boulton
Ordinary Member Megan Warinton