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Show poster for Patience 2018, designed by Tzofia R, coffee cup by Rhona Graham

Lovesick maidens are besotted with Bunthorne, a moody and handsome poet, but he has eyes only for the simple milkmaid, Patience. The problem? Patience doesn't do 'love'. Hipsters, Rugby boys and coffee presents an exciting story.

LOpSoc performed Gilbert and Sullivan's 'Patience' in the Annex Theatre, 2018. The concept was born by varying members, particularly Abby Pardoe, to have a hipster coffee shop concept. The female chorus became hipster girls, whilst the male chorus became rugby lads with their team called the Heavy Dragoons. Lady Jane thus owned the coffee shop, with Patience being a barista within it, whilst Bunthorne and Grosvenor were hipster slam style poets. The production will be taken to the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival for Patience 2018 (Harrogate).

About the Show[edit]

"Patience is the sixth collaboration between Gilbert and Sullivan and was first performed in 1881. All G&S operettas contain at least an element of parody, and for Patience, the main thrust of the plot comes from the satire of the aesthetic movement. An intellectual and artistic movement at the time, aestheticism focused on things being beautiful instead of having a deeper meaning and can be characterised by the phrase ‘Art for Art’s sake’. In the show, this attitude is exemplified by the two rival poets, Bunthorne and Grosvenor, and the chorus of ladies who adore them.

I initially chose to pitch Patience because I saw a production at the International Gilbert and Sullivan festival and laughed my socks off. Despite the fact it was written with a very specific time and context in mind, the libretto is still razor-sharp as it works to skewer ‘fad culture’ in general. We immediately jumped to thinking about how we could make Patience even more relevant for modern audiences, especially the mostly young/student crowd in Southampton.

It was an easy choice to swap out 19th Century Aesthetes for 21st Century hipsters. ‘Hipsterism’ is a somewhat nebulous concept, but for the purposes of the show, we’re taking it to mean young adults with non-mainstream fashion tastes, a passion for ‘vintage and blurry’ over ‘digital and clear’, and a healthy dose of snobbery for anyone perceived to be ‘normal’. The obvious parallels to the Aesthetes meant that we actually didn’t need to change any of the libretto or lyrics at all and the show still makes perfect sense. Bringing the rest of the characters into the new millennium was also surprisingly easy, as I think you’ll see when you meet them...

Of course, you don’t need to know any of this to enjoy the show! The fact is that nearly 140 years after it was performed, Patience is still as witty and as charming as it ever was, and we’re sure you’ll have a gay old time with us."

- from the About The Show in the Patience Programme 2018 by Abby Pardoe

Photo Gallery[edit]

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Abby Pardoe
Musical Director Tim Lutton
Musical Director Bridie Strachan
Assistant Musical Director Liam Chan
Choreographer Clementine Chirol
Creative Director Rhona Graham
Producer Tzofia R
Makeup Artist Charlie Dawkins
Hair Charlie Rowen


Role Name
Patience Amber Courage
Reginald Bunthorne Daniel Williams-Brown
Archibald Grosvenor Tom Hudson
Lady Jane Martha Fooks
Lady Angela Tori Arnold
Lady Saphir Rhiannon Creffield
Lady Ella Katie Giles
Colonel Calverley Billy Boulton
Major Murgatroyd Philip Needle
Lieut. The Duke of Dunstable George Smith
Mr. Bunthorne's Solicitor Dom Navikas
Chorus Pete Alexander
Chorus David Child
Chorus Luke Comerford
Chorus Nadia Fundell
Chorus Jordan Gardner
Chorus Joe Hand
Chorus Julie Hao
Chorus Jesse Bean McCabe
Chorus Joel Parkinson
Chorus Tim Pellew
Chorus Eris Perring
Chorus Ella Sabine
Chorus Annabelle Sessions
Chorus Isaac Treuherz
Chorus Ben Walker
Chorus Megan Warinton
Chorus Doreen Zhou
Chorus Mara Zimmerman


Role Name
Technical Director Edmund King
Lighting Director Jason Garde
Sound Director Will Barber
Sound Director Josh Curry
Stage Crew Kit Grange
Stage Crew Alex Willmott
Stage Crew Ali Treanor
Crew Amy Miller
Crew George Tucker


Role Name
Conductor Tim Lutton
First Violin Soonyiu Yau
Second Violin Edoardo Manino
Viola Doug Morgan
Viola (Saturday) Lorna Frankel
Cello Lawrence Coles
Flute Kat Bishop
Flute (Oboe Part) Grace Timby
Clarinet Bridie Strachan
Bassoon Kelly Barnsley
Horn Cori Warren Ruktanonchai
Trombone Huw Jones
Trombone (Saturday) Declan Flannery
Trumpet Wesley Downing
Double Bass Fiona Sunderland
Percussion James Atkins


Role Name
Chair Billy Boulton
Secretary Martha Fooks
Treasurer Luke Comerford
Publicity Officer Tzofia R
Publicity Officer Jesse Bean McCabe
Social Secretary Isaac Treuherz
Webmaster Pete Alexander
Loremaster Daniel Williams-Brown
Ordinary Member Tori Arnold
Tours Officer Rhona Graham