Fiddler on the Roof 2016

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Fiddler on the Roof was performed by LOpSoc from the 10th-13th February 2016 in the Annex Theatre. The show featured a record cast size of more than 43 individuals.

Fiddler on the Roof tells the story of Tevye, a poor milkman living in 1905 Tsarist Russia, in the village of Anatevka with his wife and five daughters. Tevye is challenged by the changing of traditions that are taking place in his family, as his three eldest daughters choose to marry for love, rather than have a husband picked for them. The show also follows Tevye and the other villagers within Anatevka's Jewish community, as they are forced to cope increasing persecution they are facing from the non-Jewish community and the Russian authorities.

The show received glowing reviews from The Daily Echo, The Soton Tab and The Edge.

"LOPSOC’s Fiddler on the Roof is funny, witty, tender and bitter all at the same time! Featuring some really outstanding singing and emotional acting, the show will have you laughing and crying throughout." - The Daily Echo

"The Light Operatic Society’s rendition of this Broadway classic is a joy to watch." - The Soton Tab

Memorable Show and Rehearsal Moments[edit]

- The Act 2 Man 1 line David Child had been waiting his whole life to say.

- Every time Rosemary Wilson stood in for one of the female soloists.

- The time Ben Walker got punched in the crotch in by Patrick Haste, who was so busy performing a stage punch with one fist that he did not seem to notice what the other fist was doing.

- The house falling apart on stage mid-show, and the excellent save by Ellie-Rose Fowler.

- The frozen peas.

- The collective hallucination of a kickline during "To Life" in the Saturday performance.

- Cast members drink over 6 litres of Ribena in the Tech / Dress runs. Go bottle dancers!

- The invention of Vodquila.

Memorable Lines[edit]


- "What would I do with two?" - "The same you do with one"

- "Quiet I'm singing!"

- "I have more than 100 bottles of vodka. What will I do with them?"

- "You can die from such a man".

- "Tzeitel, don't forget the baby!"

- "Lazar Wolf, who has EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD... except a bride"

- "Well, the Satisfactory Volume has many lessons for our times."

- "Well, the Kind Of All Right Manuscript has many lessons for our times."

- "Well, the Acceptable Tome has many lessons for our times."

- "Well, the Passable Periodical has many lessons for our times."

- "Well, the Pretty OK Folio has many lessons for our times."

- "Well, the Not That Bad Journal has many lessons for our times."

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Abigail Smith
Director Emily Gray
Musical Director Amy Wardle
Musical Director Barnaby Wilson
Choreographer Beckie Ford
Producer Jeremy Hunt
Associate Producer Venetia Matthews
Wardrobe Managee Rhona Graham
Designer Thomas Joy


Role Name
Tevye Joe Hand
Golde Ellie-Rose Fowler
Tzeitel Sophie Brant
Hodel Vikie Miller
Chava Natasha Bennetts
Motel Jeremy Hunt
Perchik Ben Walker
Fyedka Tom Hudson
Yente Abby Pardoe
Lazar Wolf William Hiett
Grandma Tzeitel Clementine Chirol
Fruma Sarah Rhiannon Creffield
Mendel Owen Perring
Avram Jack Houghton
Rabbi Richard Kille
Mordcha Billy Boulton
Schprintze Charlotte Bocking
Bielke Venetia Matthews
Constable Patrick Haste
Fiddler Lucia Watts
Man 1 David Child
Man 2 Jamie Hizzett
Woman 1 Rhona Graham
Woman 2 Rhiannon Creffield
Nahum and Sasha Liam Dyer
Yussel George Smith
Shaindel Katie Giles
Boy 1 and Priest Barnaby Wilson
Boy 2 Jaime Lomeli
Dance Chorus Clementine Khirol
Dance Chorus Ruchika Menon
Dance Chorus George Smith
Dance Chorus Renata SK
Papa's Chorus Steve Jenkins
Mama's Chorus Milly Carter
Mama's Chorus Ruchika Menon
Mama's Chorus Damie Oladebo
Mama's Chorus Meera Shirodkar
Mamas' Chorus Tisha Thomas
Mama's Chorus Mara Zimmerman
Daughter's Chorus Amber Courage
Daughter's Chorus Robyn Hunt
Daughter's Chorus Mariaa Michael
Daughter's Chorus Georgina Moores
Daughter's Chorus Guillemette Rident
Daughter's Chorus Tessa Stark
Daughter's Chorus Chongyang Wang