Abby Pardoe

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Abby Pardoe in Sorcerer 2012 (Buxton)

Abby Pardoe was awarded life membership as of 2018 for her incredible love and devotion to the society.


  • "We have the melody, ****wads!"
  • "What I'm saying is that together you make a mighty faggot!"
  • "We all have those days when you walk out of the cabaret sucking a chode."

    History of Roles[edit]

    Performance Role
    Patience 2018 (Harrogate) Director/Male Chorus
    Patience 2018 Director
    Ruddygore 2018 Fanny Fearless
    Mikado 2017 (Harrogate) Katisha
    Mikado 2017 Chorus
    Gondoliers 2016 (Harrogate) Chorus
    Fiddler on the Roof 2016 Yente
    Iolanthe 2015 (Harrogate) Peers Chorus
    H.M.S. Pinafore 2015 Sailors Chorus
    Iolanthe 2015 Director
    Sweeney Todd 2014 Chorus
    Pirates of Penzance 2014 Chorus
    Ruddigore 2013 (Buxton) Dame Hannah
    Ruddigore 2013 Dame Hannah
    Ruddigore 2013 Archivist
    Double Feature 2013 Chorus
    Sorcerer 2012 (Buxton) Chorus