G&S Guide to Love & Life 1997

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A G&S Guide to Love & Life; or, and. was performed as a Summer Show by LOpSoc on 16th June - 20th June 1997 at Local Schools.

Programme cover from A G&S Guide to Love & Life 1997

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Martin Paterson
Assistant Director Elizabeth Magill
Choreography Vicky Rowcroft
Choreography Phil Cheesman
Choreography Elizabeth Magill
Choreography Peter Christmas


Role Name
Narrator Adam Case
Capt. Corcoran Adam Case
Angelina Charlie Pitts
Rose Maybud Sarah Willoughby
Richard Dauntless Nick Gray
Richard Dauntless Phil Cheesman
Robin Oakapple Chris Beadle
Robin Oakapple Peter Christmas
Ruth Charlie Pitts
Frederic Martin Paterson
Saphir Sarah Willoughby
Angela Rachel Moate
Lieut. the Duke of Dunstable Martin Paterson
Major Murgatroyd Ian Shatwell
Colonel Calverly Soroosh Sadeghi
Sergeant of Police Richard Davis
Constance Sarah Willoughby
Mrs. Partlett Cathy Tennent
Mrs. Partlett Nikki Feiven
Josephine Elizabeth Magill
Josephine Cathy Tennent
Josephine Nikki Feiven
Capt. Corcoran Peter Christmas
The Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph Porter K.C.B. Stephen Scott
Angelina Elizabeth Magill
Angelina Charlie Pitts
Edwin Nick Gray
Edwin Phil Cheesman
The Judge Richard Davis
Counsel for the Plaintiff Martin Paterson
Usher Stephen Scott


Role Name
Piano Simon Pickering
Assistant Judith Collins
Additional music Martin Paterson

Song List[edit]

Song Show
If you want to know who we aren’t The Mikado
My gallant crew, hello there! H.M.S. Pinafore
Comes the shedding flowers Trial by Jury
In sailing o’er life’s notes wide Ruddigore
Oh false one you have deceived me! Pirates of Penzance
Oi, Where be oi? (And what be oi a doing? Weyhay) The Sorcerer
If Saphir I choose to marry (or was it Angela?) Patience
When the foeman bares his truncheon Pirates of Penzance
When words are here The Sorcerer
Never mind the why and wherefore H.M.S. Pinafore
End bit Trial by Jury

Tour Schedule[edit]

Time Location
Monday p.m. Weeke County Middle School
Tuesday a.m. St. Marks Junior School
Tuesday p.m. Grad ball
Wednesday a.m. Mount Pleasant Middle School
Wednesday p.m. Redbridge First School
Thursday a.m. Crescent Primary School
Thursday p.m. Beechwood Middle School
Friday a.m. Hamble Primary School

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