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The LOpSoc Summer Show is an original production for the society. This takes different formats depending on the intended audience.

Earlier summer shows consisted of a collection of existing numbers, usually Gilbert and Sullivan, set to produce an original story that appeals to children. There is often an interactive section where the children are invited to join the cast on stage and take part in the song while wearing hats or other props. The show was usually performed in local schools.

Recently however, summer shows have been original pieces of writing to be performed as full shows for the public. These have been done with either wholly original music or with existing music set to new lyrics or a mixture of the two.

List of Performances[edit]

Performance Name Venue Year
Fall of the House of Usher 2011 Annex Theatre 2011
Highborn and the Hobo 2011 Annex Theatre 2011
What a Banker! 2010 Annex Theatre 2010
Big Top 2006 Clubs and Societies Room 2006
Summer Show 2001 Local Schools 2001
Summer Show 2000 Local Schools 2000
Cox and Box 1999 Local Schools 1999
Summer Show 1998 Local Schools 1998
G&S Guide to Love & Life 1997 Local Schools 1997
Characters of G&S 1996 Local Schools 1996
Journey Through G&S 1995 Local Schools 1995
G&S Entertainment 1994 Local Schools 1994
G&S Guide to Opera 1993 Local Schools 1993
À la Carte Concert 1992 Local Schools 1992