H.M.S. Pinafore 2015

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H.M.S. Pinafore was LOpSoc's 2015 Summer show, and was performed in May 2015 at the Annex Theatre.

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Jon North
Director Joe Hand
Musical Director Barnaby Wilson
Musical Director George Smith
Producer Jeremy Hunt
Producer Renata SK
Assistant Producer Samuel Williams
Choreographer Emily Gray


Role Name
Ralph Rackstraw Tom Hudson
Josephine Jennie Riggs
Captain Corcoran Ben Cousins
Buttercup Jenny Samuel
Sir Joseph Porter Eris Beatrice Owen Perring
Cousin Hebe Alex Blelloch
Dick Deadeye Jack Houghton
Boatswain Alex Conway
Carpenter Oliver French
Chorus Abby Pardoe
Chorus Abigail Smith
Chorus Amy Wardle
Chorus Ben Walker
Chorus Christabel Seall
Chorus Clementine Chirol
Chorus Emily Gray
Chorus Emma Joy
Chorus Guillemette Rident
Chorus Jaime Lomeli
Chorus Jeremy Hunt
Chorus Katie Giles
Chorus Liam Dyer
Chorus Mariaa Michael
Chorus Renata SK
Chorus Rhiannon Creffield
Chorus Rhona Graham
Chorus Richard Kille
Chorus Sarah Hemming
Chorus Sophie Brant
Chorus Steve Jenkins
Chorus Tessa Stark
Chorus Venetia Matthews
Chorus Vikie Miller

Critical Reception[edit]

H.M.S Pinafore was well received garnering a 5 star review from the Soton Tab.

It received Curtain Call nominations for Jennifer Riggs Performance as Josephine (Best Performance in an Opera) as well as for both Directors (Best Director of a Musical or Opera).

Fresher Legends[edit]

Tales of frozen peas and PINA4 golden sequin tops are rife with this show. Also the infamous motto: "If its good enough to be in the matinee its good enough for the evening"