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Iolanthe was performed by LOpSoc in February 2015 at the Annex Theatre

One of LOpSoc's more radical productions, this was a modernisation of the G&S operetta, updated to 1982 and gender-swapped.

The production went on to be performed at the 22nd International G&S Festival in Harrogate, where it won 3 awards: Best Director, Best Costumes and Best Character Actress.

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Emma Joy
Director Abby Pardoe
Creative Director Charlie Rowen
Musical Director Jeremy Hunt
Musical Director Vikie Miller
Producer Thomas Joy
Producer Alex Blelloch
Choreographer Emily Gray
Choreographer Sarah Hemming


Role Name
Iolanthe Oliver French
Lady Chancellor Rachel Waring
King of the Fairies Alex Conway
Stephanie Abigail Smith
Philip Barnaby Wilson
Lady Tolloller Bridie Strachan
Lady Mountararat Jennie Riggs
Private Willis Rhiannon Creffield
Cecil Tom Hudson
Liam Robin Harris
Peter Tab Kimpton
Peers Charlie Rowen
Peers Venetia Matthews
Peers Christabel Seall
Peers Sophie Brant
Peers Renata SK
Fairies Steve Jenkins
Fairies Guillemette Rident
Fairies Jon North
Fairies Rhona Graham
Fairies Tessa Stark
Fairies Juliet Bowater


Role Name
Chairman Thomas Joy
Secretary Joe Hand
Treasurer Jaime Lomeli
Publicity Officer Alex Blelloch
Publicity Officer Samuel Williams
Social Secretary Vikie Miller
Ordinary Member Robin Harris
Webmaster Amanda DeBruin
Archivist Emma Joy
Archivist Sarah Hemming
Tours Officer Rhiannon Creffield

Fresher Legends[edit]

Tales tell of a show with tap dancing in place of bobbing. With punk faries and the place were many of Lopsoc finally lost their sanity.....