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LOpSoc Orchestra for Ruddigore 2013

The LOpSoc Orchestra were established in 2012 by Musical Director Thomas Joy

They are a group of Southampton University of students who play for LOpSoc's productions, of which there are currently over 30 members.


LOpSoc Orchestra for Double Feature 2013
Instrument Member
Conductor Thomas Joy
Violin Peter Bridgewood
Violin Rachel Halstead
Violin Hannah Savage
Violin Hannah Preston
Violin Sarah Mercer
Viola John Hinchcliffe
Viola Elizabeth Yu
Viola Emma Blundell
Cello Cerys Beesley
Cello Hugo White
Cello Loïc Zufferey
Bass Katie Porter
Flute Kathryn Firth
Flute Alys Rowley
Flute Grace Shutti
Flute Bethan Thomas
Flute Emily Stenner
Flute Freya Malcher
Oboe Catherine Underhill
Oboe Charlie Grimsey
Bassoon Fiona Butterworth
Clarinet Sarah Crawford
Clarinet Esme Philips
Clarinet Emily Crowther
Clarinet & Percussion Vicki Garson
Reeds Katherine Bond
Trumpet Lettie Leyland
Trumpet Meg Holgate
Trumpet Fraser Miller
Trombone / Euphonium Barnaby Wilson
Horn Jack Neale
Timpani Chris Bogdiukiewicz
Percussion Pete Scott