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Poster from Double Feature 2013

Trial by Jury and Cox and Box were performed as a double feature by LOpSoc on 6th to 9th February at the Annex Theatre.

The band were made up of members from the LOpSoc Orchestra, conducted by Thomas Joy.

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Emma Joy
Assistant Director Rhiannon Creffield
Assistant Director Ian Wainwright
Musical Director Thomas Joy
Assistant Musical Director Katherine Bond
Producer Dom Latarche

Trial by Jury Cast[edit]

Role Name
Angelina Rosie Bowen
Edwin Tom Hudson
Judge Daniel Clements
Counsel Ynes Benotmane
Usher Owen Perring
Foreman Tab Kimpton
Forewoman Charlie Rowen
Chorus Abby Pardoe
Chorus Alex Conway
Chorus Amy Whitington
Chorus Bethany Lane
Chorus Joe Atkins-Turkish
Chorus Lizzie Costigan
Chorus Rhiannon Creffield
Chorus Steve Jenkins

Cox and Box Cast[edit]

Role Name
Cox Joe Atkins-Turkish
Box Jon North
Bouncer Richard Kille

Technical Team[edit]

Role Name
Technical Director Tom Pell
Light Designer Oliver Trojak
Assistant Light Designer/Light Operator David Aggus
Light Operator Dan Barr
Sound Designer/Operator James Crickmere
Stage Manager Nathan Clements
Stage Crew David Schult

The Set[edit]

The set for Trial by Jury consisted of 3 foldable boxes, the defendant's box (1m/1m/1.2m), the judge's box (1m/2m/1.2m) and the jury's box (2m/3m/1.2m). All of the boxes, but in particular the jury's box, were very heavy. Some changes had to be made after the first night, when a certain chorus member destroyed the side of the jury's box.


Role Name
Chairman Chris "Little Bear" Ball
Secretary Amy Whitington
Treasurer Ian Wainwright
Publicity Officer Emma Joy
Publicity Officer Jon North
Archivist Daniel Clements
Ordinary Member Charlie Rowen

Fresher Legends[edit]

We believe this may be the show where a man got trapped in a box. Also, where the judge's stand collapsed. But we only hear whispers of this time....

Photo Gallery[edit]