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Le Boeuuuuufffffff

Wow. What can I say?


Born in April 1994 and originally from Hertfordshire, Cerys has ben actively involved in amateur dramatics for most of her life. She is a 2nd year English and Music student at the University of Southampton. Cerys started the cello aged 4 with her Grandmother but did not start taking it seriously until she was about 15 years old, and decided she would quite like to pursue music, she also plays the trombone. Cerys began her career with LopSoc by playing the cello in the LOpSoc Orchestra in the 2012/3 season and joining the LOpSoc cast on their annual trip to Buxton - Ruddigore (Buxton) 2013. She chose to remain in the cast for the 2013/14 season and not return to the orchestra due to her diva-ish tendencies and her love of trying to drown out the lopsoc chorus with her alto tones with the help of her friend and fellow alto Christabel Seall. She is performing as a part of the daughter's chorus in Pirates of Penzance 2014 and is particularly excited about her bustle and parasol. She will also be performing as Mrs Lovett in Sweeney Todd 2014 which is her first principal role with the society and she fears that some may soon view this as a mistake, for her already diva-ish tendencies can and will only increase from here on in.


Not as diva-ish as Thomas Joy, but not far off.

History of Roles[edit]

Performance Role
Pirates of Penzance 2014 Daughters' Chorus
Pirates of Penzance 2014 Tours Officer
Sweeney Todd 2014 Mrs Lovett
Pirates of Penzance 2014 (Harrogate) Daughters' Chorus