Mikado 2017 (Harrogate)

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The Mikado was performed by LOpSoc on 10th August 2017 in the Harrogate Savoy Theatre at the Gilbert and Sullivan Festival. The orchestra and stage crew were provided by the venue. The origami children concept was imported to the Mikado 2017 Production in the Nuffield. However, with a new Katisha in Abby Pardoe and the role of James (Isaac Treuherz) being changed to Lily (Katie Giles), new direction opportunities presented themselves, with more interaction between Katisha, Lily and Wendy.

The production was very well received at the festival. The adjudicator of the UniFest awards said the following about the show: 'I am not given to hyperbole, but I think I can say with honesty that this Mikado is the best show I have seen during the entire life of the UniFest. Everyone involved with it deserves enormous congratulation and credit.'

LOpSoc was crowned champions of the competition, winning the Best Performance award. George Smith and Billy Boulton won Best Direction, and David Child and Liam Chan won Best Musical Direction. Philip Needle received a nomination for Best Male Voice; Barnaby Wilson and Ben Walker received nominations for Best Character Actor; Joe Hand received a nomination for Best Male Performer. The society was also nominated for the Best Chorus award.

Production Team and Crew[edit]

Role Name
Directors Billy Boulton and George Smith
Choreographer Renata SK
Musical Directors David Child and Liam Chan
Conductor David Child
Technical Directors David Young and Tom Pell
Lighting Design George Tucker
Technical Crew Will Barber, Martha Fooks, Edmund King
Producers Renata SK, Isaac Treuherz and Lucy Rose
Costumes Amber Courage and Eris Perring


Role Name
The Mikado Joe Hand
Nanki-Poo Barnaby Wilson
Ko-Ko Ben Walker
Pooh-Bah Philip Needle
Pish-Tush Richard Kille
Yum-Yum Amy Wardle
Pitti-Sing Emma Paull
Peep-Bo Amber Courage
Katisha Abby Pardoe
Wendy Nadia Fundell
Peter Patrick Edwards
Lily Katie Giles
Chorus Andrew Wood
Chorus Billy Boulton
Chorus Bridie Strachan
Chorus David Young
Chorus Ella Sabine
Chorus Eris Perring
Chorus George Smith
Chorus Jamie Hizzett
Chorus Lucia Watts
Chorus Martha Fooks
Chorus Michelle McInnes
Chorus Renata SK
Chorus Rhiannon Creffield
Chorus Rhona Graham
Chorus Stephen Jenkins
Chorus Tim Lutton
Chorus Venetia Matthews