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Designed by Renata Stella

A Saxon kingdom and Viking settlement are on the brink of war. The only way to ease the tensions looks to be the marriage of Prince Hilarion and Princess Ida, the heirs to those great powers. But on the day they were due to meet, news arrives the Ida has renounced all men and has formed a women's university. Before tensions can rise further, Hilarion gathers his friends and, posing as female students, infiltrates the college to try and woo Ida back.

LOpSoc performed Gilbert and Sullivan's 'Princess Ida' in the Annex Theatre, 2019. The devised concept was that of medieval England, with those from the court of Hildebrand becoming Saxons, and those of Gama becoming Vikings. Varying alterations were made to the libretto and score to accommodate for this and Ida herself became a shieldmaiden.

About the Show[edit]

"Princess Ida is a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta that makes a foray into the realms of poetry - based on The Princess, a narrative poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, it is the pair’s only operetta written entirely in blank verse. Unfortunately the show was not considered a contemporary success, but LOpSOc intend to rectify that with their ambitious reimagining of the action in Early Medieval England with an Anglo-Saxon prince and a Viking princess whose father, Gama, is the Jarl of a Viking settlement, seeking to increase his influence by marrying into Hildebrand’s royal line.

An exciting and funny operetta, Princess Ida is making a comeback into the LOpSoc repertoire after nine years since its last performance. With beautiful musical numbers and a wide array of personalities composing its principal characters and chorus, this is a unique show in both the G&S collection and in LOpSoc’s.

We hope you enjoy the performance today and look forward to seeing you again for LOpSoc’s future shows!"

The Princess Ida Production Team - from the Princess Ida 2019 Programme

Photo Gallery[edit]

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Tzofia R
Director Martha Fooks
Musical Director Amber Courage
Musical Director Mara Zimmerman
Assistant Musical Director David Child
Choreographer Andrew Rose
Producer Daniel Williams-Brown
Producer Pete Alexander
Graphics Renata SK
Makeup Artist Charlie Dawkins


Role Name
Princess Ida Bridie Strachan
Hilarion Luke Comerford
Lady Psyche Katie Giles
Lady Blanche Billy Boulton
Melissa Tori Arnold
King Hildebrand Joe Hand
Cyril Pete Alexander
Florian Joel Parkinson
King Gama Nick Davis
Arac Sebastian Graves-Read
Guron Ariel Cahn
Scynthius Tim Pellew
Sarchissa Annabelle Sessions
Chloe Jesse Bean McCabe
Ada Megan Warinton
Chorus Mia Green
Chorus FuFu
Chorus Kira Jukes
Chorus Dom Navikas
Chorus James Tamey
Chorus Ben Walker
Chorus Jane Yu


Role Name
Technical Director Kit Grange
Assistant Technical Director Alex Willmott
Lighting Director John Hawk


Role Name
Conductor Amber Courage
First Violin Soonyiu Yau
Second Violin Edoardo Manino
Viola Doug Morgan
Cello Lawrence Coles
Double Bass Fiona Sunderland
Flute Mareesa Purmalis
Oboe Jacob Thorne
Clarinet Laura Cunliffe
Bassoon Catriona Gibbon
Horn Rob Arthur
Trumpet David Child
Trombone Declan Flannery
Percussion James Atkins


Role Name
Chair Billy Boulton
Secretary Martha Fooks
Treasurer Luke Comerford
Publicity Officer Tzofia R
Publicity Officer Jesse Bean McCabe
Social Secretary Mia Green
Social Secretary Joel Parkinson
Webmaster Pete Alexander
Loremaster Daniel Williams-Brown
Ordinary Member Tori Arnold
Tours Officer Fiona Sunderland