Sorcerer 2012 (Buxton)

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Show programme cover from The Sorcerer 2012 (Buxton)

The Sorcerer was performed by LOpSoc on 11th August 2012 in the Pavilion Arts Centre at the Buxton International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival. The orchestra and stage crew were provided by the venue. A DVD of the performance is available from the festival catalog.

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Daniel Clements
Assistant Director Amy Whitington
Musical Director Chris "Little Bear" Ball
Producer Sarah Jones
Head of Costumes Kirsty March


Role Name
John Wellington Wells Jon North
Alexis Pointdextre Luke Barratt
Aline Sangazure Charlie Rowen
Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre Richard Patient
Lady Annabella Sangazure Jenni McDowall
Constance Partlet Rosie Bowen
Dr Daly Tom Hudson
Mrs Zorah Partlet Amy Whitington
Ahrimanes Chris Power
Notary Steve Jenkins
Lawyer Owen Perring
Hercules Ian Wainwright
Chorus Daniel Clements
Chorus Anne-Linn Forbord
Chorus Kirsty Hough
Chorus Emma Joy
Chorus Abby Pardoe
Chorus Tom Pell
Chorus Elizabeth Tubby


Role Name
Chairman Chris "Little Bear" Ball
Secretary Amy Whitington
Treasurer Ian Wainwright
Publicity Officer Emma Joy
Publicity Officer Jon North
Social Secretary Becky "Tommy" Thomas
Archivist Daniel Clements
Ordinary Member Charlie Rowen

Photo Gallery[edit]