Ian Wainwright

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Ian Wainwright as Hercules in Sorcerer 2012 (Buxton)


Ian (aka Wainwrong) arrived at Southampton in 2011. Studying history, he eventually became more and more involved with Performing Arts, and is currently treasurer for both LOpSoc and Theatre Group. He also is unable to complete a sentence without using the phrase 'I'm awfully sorry' at least twice.

History of Roles[edit]

Performance Role
Sweeney Todd 2014 Chorus
Pirates of Penzance 2014 Director
Pirates of Penzance 2014 Treasurer
Ruddigore (Buxton) 2013 Sailor/ Ghost
Ruddigore 2013 Sailor/ Ghost
Ruddigore 2013 Treasurer
Double Feature 2013 Assistant Director (Trial)
Double Feature 2013 Treasurer
Sorcerer 2012 (Buxton) Hercules
Sorcerer 2012 (Buxton) Treasurer
Sorcerer 2012 Chorus
Sorcerer 2012 Treasurer