Sweeney Todd 2014

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Sweeney Todd, 2014

Sweeney Todd was performed by LOpSoc in Summer 2014 at the Annex Theatre.

It was their first foray into the works of Stephen Sondheim and received highly favourable reviews and some of LOpSoc's highest audience numbers.

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Amy Whitington
Director Richard Patient
Musical Director Thomas Joy
Choreographer Emily Gray
Producer Emma Joy
Producer Abby Pardoe
Producer Katya Henson
Costumes Tab Kimpton


Role Name
Sweeney Todd Jon North
Mrs Lovett Cerys Beesley
Judge Turpin Tab Kimpton
Beadle Bamford Josh Cox
Johanna Vikie Miller
Anthony Jeremy Hunt
Beggar Woman Rhiannon Creffield
Adolfo Pirelli Amanda DeBruin
Toby Joe Hand
Birdseller/Fogg Liam Dyer
Ensemble Solo Stephen Woolford
Ensemble Solo Alex Conway
Ensemble Solo Tom Hudson
Ensemble Solo Josh McDonald
Ensemble Solo Charlie Rowen
Ensemble Solo Clara Allende
Ensemble Solo Alex Blelloch
Ensemble Solo Valerie Arofin
Ensemble Solo Tia Royal
Ensemble Solo Jazz Fison
Chorus Clementine Chirol
Chorus Renata SK
Chorus Christabel Seall
Chorus Ian Wainwright
Chorus Dom Latarche
Chorus Jennie Riggs
Chorus Abigail Smith
Chorus Charlie Keighron
Chorus Venetia Matthews
Chorus Steve Jenkins
Chorus Abby Pardoe
Chorus Jaime Lomeli


The band was made up of members of the LOpSoc Orchestra, conducted by Thomas Joy.

Instrument Member
Conductor Thomas Joy
Violin Ian Patient
Viola John Hinchcliffe
Cello Loïc Zufferey
Reed 1 Alys Rowley & Freya Malcher
Reed 2 George Smith
Reed 3 Adam Castle
Reed 4 Charlie Grimsey
Reed 5 Fiona Butterworth
Keys Neville Bharücha
Trumpet Jamie Wall
Euphonium Barnaby Wilson
Percussion Ben Wright


Role Name
Chairman Thomas Joy
Secretary Joe Hand
Treasurer Jaime Lomeli
Publicity Officer Alex Blelloch
Publicity Officer Samuel Williams
Social Secretary Vikie Miller
Ordinary Member Robin Harris
Webmaster Amanda DeBruin
Archivist Emma Joy
Archivist Sarah Hemming

Fresher Legends[edit]

All we know is that a man child named Olf scared the man with many knees. Mentioning this in his presence may trigger him to begin chanting in a terrifying manner, and attack the nearest person with the name of Jon