Pirates of Penzance 2014

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Pirates of Penzance 2014

Pirates of Penzance was performed by LOpSoc in Spring 2014 in the Nuffield Theatre.

A production blog was launched by Jon North and Thomas Joy to document the early production process. This can be read here: Pirates Production Blog

The production went on tour (Pirates of Penzance (Harrogate) 2014) to the International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival in Harrogate, performing in the Harrogate Theatre. They went onto win the UNIFest Competition as International Champions, and also won the awards for Best Director (Jon North), Best Musical Director (Thomas Joy), Best Male Performance (Joe Hand) and Best Character Actor (Richard Patient). Rosie Bowen was also nominated for Best Female Voice, and Jenny Samuel was nominated for Best Female Performer.

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Jon North
Director Ian Wainwright
Musical Director Thomas Joy
Producer Emma Joy
Producer Charlie Rowen
Assistant Producer Charli Bradley
Choreographer Sarah Hemming
Technical Director Ollie Trojak
Costumes Tab Kimpton


Role Name
Frederic Alex Conway
Mabel Rosie Bowen
Pirate King Joe Hand
Samuel Robin Harris
Ruth Jenny Samuel
Chief of Police Richard Patient
Edith Alex Blelloch
Kate Sophie Brant
Isabel Charlie Rowen
Major-General Stanley Samuel Williams
Daughters' Chorus Emma Joy
Daughters' Chorus Cerys Beesley
Daughters' Chorus Christabel Seall
Daughters' Chorus Rhiannon Creffield
Daughters' Chorus Amanda DeBruin
Daughters' Chorus Vikie Miller
Daughters' Chorus Anna McManus
Daughters' Chorus Jennie Riggs
Police Chorus Jeremy Hunt
Police Chorus Abby Pardoe
Police Chorus Amy Whitington
Police Chorus Tab Kimpton
Police Chorus Owen Perring
Pirate Chorus Kate Henbest
Pirate Chorus Emily Gray
Pirate Chorus Tessa Stark
Pirate Chorus Tom Hudson
Pirate Chorus Dom Latarche
Pirate Chorus Jaime Lomeli
Pirate Chorus Tisha Knowles
Pirate Chorus Richard Kille
Pirate Chorus Clementine Chirol
Pirate Chorus Steve Jenkins
Pirate Chorus Emma Crewdson
Pirate Chorus Zoe Hand
Pirate Chorus Abigail Smith
Pirate Chorus Renata SK


The LOpSoc Orchestra was conducted by Thomas Joy.

Instrument Member
Conductor Thomas Joy
Violin Rachel Halstead
Violin Hannah Savage
Violin Hannah Preston
Violin Sarah Mercer
Viola John Hinchcliffe
Viola Emma Blundell
Cello Hugo White
Cello Loïc Zufferey
Bass Katie Porter
Flute Kathryn Firth
Flute Alys Rowley
Flute Bethan Thomas
Flute Emily Stenner
Flute Freya Malcher
Oboe Catherine Underhill
Oboe Charlie Grimsey
Bassoon Fiona Butterworth
Clarinet Sarah Crawford
Clarinet Emily Crowther
Clarinet Vicki Garson
Trumpet Lettie Leyland
Trumpet Meg Holgate
Trumpet Fraser Miller
Trombone / Euphonium Barnaby Wilson
Horn Jack Neale
Timpani Chris Bogdiukiewicz
Percussion Pete Scott