Patience 2018 (Harrogate)

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'Patience, or Bunthorne's Bride' was performed by LOpSoc on 16th August 2018 in the Harrogate Theatre at the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival. The orchestra and stage crew were provided by the venue. The production retained all the main features that originally came from the Annex Run in June 2018. There were, however, changes to the cast as two of the principles were unable to join the company, with the role of The Duke of Dunstable being taken on by Barnaby Wilson and the role of Major Murgatroyd by Ben Walker, creating new dynamics between the trio of men which was enjoyable to watch. The chorus, despite losing some of its original run members, gained new ones, including the Director Abby Pardoe and Musical Director Bridie Strachan.

The production was very well received at the festival. Amber Courage won Best Female Voice and Bridie Strachan, Tim Lutton and Liam Chan were awarded Best Musical Director. Abby Pardoe was nominated for Best Director, Rhona Graham and Tzofia were nominated for Best Costumes and the Chorus were nominated for Best Show.

Production Team[edit]

Role Name
Director Abby Pardoe
Musical Director Tim Lutton
Musical Director Bridie Strachan
Musical Director Liam Chan
Choreographer Clementine Chirol
Creative Director Rhona Graham
Producer Tzofia R


Role Name
Patience Amber Courage
Reginald Bunthorne Daniel Williams-Brown
Archibald Grosvenor Tom Hudson
Lady Jane Martha Fooks
Lady Angela Tori Arnold
Lady Saphir Rhiannon Creffield
Lady Ella Katie Giles
Colonel Calverley Billy Boulton
Major Murgatroyd Ben Walker
Lieut. The Duke of Dunstable Barnaby Wilson
Mr. Bunthorne's Solicitor Dom Navikas
Chorus Pete Alexander
Chorus David Child
Chorus Nadia Fundell
Chorus Joe Hand
Chorus Jesse Bean McCabe
Chorus Abby Pardoe
Chorus Eris Perring
Chorus Andrew Rose
Chorus Annabelle Sessions
Chorus Bridie Strachan
Chorus Fiona Sunderland
Chorus Megan Warinton


Role Name
Technical Director Edmund King
Stage Crew Kit Grange
Stage Crew Alex Willmott


Role Name
Chair Billy Boulton
Secretary Martha Fooks
Treasurer Luke Comerford
Publicity Officer Tzofia R
Publicity Officer Jesse Bean McCabe
Social Secretary Isaac Treuherz
Webmaster Pete Alexander
Loremaster Daniel Williams-Brown
Ordinary Member Tori Arnold
Tours Officer Rhona Graham